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Colorado’s Sports Betting Industry Tops $50 Million in Tax Revenue for First Time, with Emphasis on Responsible Gambling Practices

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 28, 2024
Revenue from Colorado sports gambling taxes increasing

In January 2024, Colorado’s sports betting industry generated $53.49 million in tax revenue, marking a significant increase from the previous year’s total of $35.48 million. The surge in revenue was welcomed by state officials and the Colorado Division of Gaming, which has been tracking the growth of the industry since its launch in May 2020.

One major contributor to this growth is responsible gambling practices, which have been emphasized by state officials and industry leaders alike. Director Christopher Schroder noted that this was the first time the division had hit $4 million in tax revenue since sports betting was launched, and he expressed his optimism about the future of the industry.

“We are thrilled with the success of our sports betting program,” said Schroder. “We believe that it’s important to promote responsible gambling practices and ensure that our industry continues to grow in a sustainable manner.”

Trevor Lucht, a Colorado Springs sports bettor, agrees with Schroder’s sentiment. He believes that as long as people gamble responsibly, the industry will continue to flourish. He also expects to see more young people getting involved in sports betting as it becomes more mainstream.

While there is certainly potential for significant revenue growth in sports betting, state officials are committed to managing it responsibly. For anyone struggling with a gambling problem, help is available through a 24-hour confidential hotline at 1-800-GAMBLER. As sports betting continues to gain traction in Colorado, state officials remain optimistic about its potential and are dedicated to ensuring that it benefits both individuals and communities across the state.

By Samantha Johnson

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