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Discovering the Wonders of Wastewater Treatment: A Field Trip for Fourth Graders in Licking City Utilities

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 28, 2024
Unlocking the Secrets of Wastewater: A Special Report by The Licking News

Recently, fourth grade students from Licking City Utilities took a field trip to the city’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. During their visit, they were guided by Derek Hammond, a B-certified employee of City Utilities. The students learned about various purification methods used at the plant, including chemical, physical, and biological processes.

The tour included a visit to one of the pumping sheds where they were introduced to mist flies, which are harmless but abundant in the area. Hammond explained the importance of not putting certain items into the sewer system and emphasized how wastewater treatment is crucial for maintaining natural waterways’ quality.

The students also learned about tank water capacity and visible stalactites while visiting the treatment plant. They saw how water is treated before being released back into natural waterways and how important it is to speed up the natural process of purifying it.

Finally, they visited Spring Creek beside the treatment plant and saw that the water consistently shows a 98 – 99 percent waste removal rate, meeting state standards set by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Overall, this field trip provided valuable insights into wastewater treatment and its importance for maintaining our community’s health and environment.

By Samantha Johnson

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