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Dolby Celebrates the World’s Endangered Sonic Wonders in Epic New Album.

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 27, 2024
First Album Pays Homage to the Seven Sonic Wonders

In collaboration with renowned wildlife sounds technician Chris Watson, Dolby Laboratories has created the first album celebrating the world’s seven most endangered sonic wonders. Featuring a musical score by award-winning composer Nainita Desai, the album is now available on Apple Music.

The seven sonic wonders featured in this album include the Vatnajokull glacier in Iceland, the dawn chorus of Lake Suvasvesi in Finland, the smiling hippopotamus in Kenya, the frog beats in Gamboa in Panama, the murmur of starlings in the United Kingdom, the whispers of a coral reef in the Sulu Sea, and the song of a humpback whale in the Caribbean Sea.

Dolby chose these natural sounds based on several criteria similar to those used for selecting the Seven Natural Wonders: their epic beauty, importance to ecological systems, cultural heritage significance, geographical location diversity and distribution. Additionally, each sound represents a unique moment that embodies mystery and connects listeners to nature on a deeper level.

The album was mixed by Kurt Martinez with an aim to create an immersive experience that forges a stronger connection between listeners and Mother Nature. Proceeds from sales will go towards supporting EarthPercent – a charity aimed at connecting musicians with climate change initiatives and promoting sustainable practices within the music industry.

Nainita Desai expressed her excitement about working with Dolby on this project stating,”As someone who has traveled around the globe experiencing nature’s best sounds, I believe we often underestimate how powerful these auditory experiences can be.” Chris Watson added,”I hope these tracks transport listeners into these natural wonders and inspire them to protect them.” With Dolby Atmos technology enhancing sound quality furthermore it’s an excellent opportunity for people worldwide to experience these rare sounds like never before.

By Samantha Johnson

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