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EDF’s Commitment to Renegotiating Contracts with Small Businesses and Investing in Sustainable Energy Practices under New Ownership

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 26, 2024
EDF to renegotiate contracts for companies facing “unfairly high” electricity prices

Following the nationalization of EDF in June 2023, Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of Energy, has called on the group to renegotiate contracts with small and medium-sized companies that were signed at high prices during the energy crisis. EDF has responded to this call and is committed to addressing the issue by renegotiating contracts with VSEs, SMEs, and ETIs that were signed when prices were at their highest.

Professional organizations such as the Confederation of French Traders (CDF) have been calling for the renegotiation of electricity prices, which they consider unfairly high. The CDF represents various independent traders and highlights the disproportionate prices compared to market rates that small businesses are currently facing. According to a survey conducted by professional unions, many businesses remain tied to energy supply contracts with prices significantly higher than the current market rate. The increase in electricity prices in February further exacerbated the financial burden on small businesses.

Bruno Le Maire has also called on EDF to allocate necessary resources to the construction of new nuclear reactors while adhering to set costs and deadlines. He highlighted the importance of this project and its successful completion in meeting the government’s energy priorities. As a result, EDF has committed to investing in research and development for new nuclear technologies while continuing its efforts towards renewable energy sources like wind and solar power.

In conclusion, EDF has responded positively to Bruno Le Maire’s call for renegotiating contracts with small and medium-sized companies that were signed during high energy prices. The group is committed to addressing pricing concerns while also investing in new nuclear technologies and renewable energy sources as part of its ongoing efforts towards sustainable energy practices.

By Samantha Johnson

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