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Empowering Clinicians: The Business of Mental Health with Rewired360

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 26, 2024
Three CSI students’ mental health business in the running to win $40k prize

Kathy Couch, a therapist in Twin Falls, Idaho, has been working in mental health for 18 years. As a clinician and business owner, she realized that many therapists struggle with the business side of their work. This led her to partner with students from the CSI Marketing Program to develop a business idea called Rewired360.

Rewired360 aims to improve access to EMDR certification for clinicians and therapists in Southern Idaho by training more professionals in this therapeutic technique. By providing more support and resources to those who need it, they hope to help people heal trauma, grief, and relational distress more effectively and efficiently.

The business idea is now in the running for a $40,000 prize at the Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge semi-finals in Boise on April 4th and 5th. EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization Reconditioning, is a powerful tool that has been shown to be effective for a variety of mental health issues. With its quick results and ability to free up therapy slots for those who need continuous support but can’t access it due to long waitlists, EMDR is an important resource that deserves wider availability.

Couch’s own experience running her practice inspired her to start Rewired360, as she realized that therapists are not always taught how to run a business successfully. Through collaborations with Natalie Klucken and Elle Whitehead from CSI Marketing Program, they have developed a plan to share Couch’s business knowledge with other clinicians in Southern Idaho. They have been working on presentations and pitches to prepare for the entrepreneur challenge.

The goal of Rewired360 is not only

By Samantha Johnson

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