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GE Healthcare Making Waves in Medical Technology Industry with Prostate Volume Assist and Ionic Health nCommand Lite Systems

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 28, 2024
New Technology Boosts GE Healthcare’s Performance on NASDAQ

GE Healthcare, a subsidiary of General Electric Company, has been making waves in the medical technology industry. Initially, there were concerns about its ability to stand on its own without the support of the broader GE brand. However, recent advancements and successful distribution of innovative systems have proven these fears wrong.

One such innovation is the Prostate Volume Assist (PVA) system, which utilizes artificial intelligence to aid in measuring the volume of the human prostate. Accurate volume measurements are crucial in determining whether a patient has cancer or not. Additionally, this technology can help diagnose other neurological disorders. The PVA system’s ability to provide rapid and easy results makes it an attractive addition to GE Healthcare’s ultrasound systems for healthcare professionals.

In addition to the PVA system, GE Healthcare recently announced the distribution of the Ionic Health nCommand Lite system following FDA approval. This system aims to alleviate staffing shortages in hospitals’ radiology departments by allowing users to perform patient scanning remotely and review images in real-time.

When considering investment opportunities for GEHC stock, Wall Street analysts have a Moderate Buy consensus rating based on recent evaluations. Over the past three months, seven Buys and three Holds have been assigned, resulting in a 17.26% increase in share price over the last year. The average price target for GEHC stock is $92.22 per share, indicating a 2.41% upside potential.

Overall, GE Healthcare appears to be making positive strides with its technological advancements and successful distribution of innovative systems.

It appears that GE Healthcare may have faced some initial challenges when it first emerged as a standalone entity within General Electric Company (GE). However, these concerns have largely been unfounded as evidenced by its latest technological advancements.

One such innovation is the Prostate Volume Assist (PVA) system, which employs artificial intelligence (AI) to aid healthcare professionals in measuring prostate volumes accurately.

These measurements are vital for diagnosing prostate cancer and other neurological disorders alike.

The PVA system also offers ease of use and rapid results, which will undoubtedly enhance its appeal among healthcare practitioners.

Additionally, GE Healthcare recently announced the distribution of another innovative solution called Ionic Health nCommand Lite following FDA approval.

This technology seeks to address current staffing challenges faced by hospitals’ radiology departments by enabling users to perform patient scans remotely while reviewing images simultaneously in real-time.

When assessing potential investment opportunities for GEHC stock based on Wall Street analysts’ opinions on recent evaluations, they have given it a Moderate Buy consensus rating.

This indicates that seven Buys and three Holds were assigned over the past three months resulting in an impressive 17.26% increase in share price over the previous year.

By Samantha Johnson

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