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Jaguars Edge Rusher Josh Allen Aims for Greatness with Breakout Season and New Contract

BySamantha Johnson

Jun 11, 2024
Josh Allen of the Jaguars plans to build on last year’s success and improve even more

In 2023, Jaguars edge rusher Josh Allen had an outstanding season, recording a career-high 17.5 sacks and securing a long-term contract extension with Jacksonville during the offseason. However, as head coach Doug Pederson pointed out, the real test for a player who has a breakout season is whether they can sustain that level of play in the future. While some players struggle to match their success after signing a big contract, others continue to perform at a high level.

Josh Allen is determined to be among those who maintain their success and has set ambitious goals for himself, including winning the Defensive Player of the Year award and helping the Jaguars secure a Super Bowl victory. Achieving either of these goals would demonstrate the wisdom of his new contract and could greatly benefit the team’s chances of success. Allen emphasizes that he has figured out what works best for him and is focused on improving mentally, physically, and emotionally. He believes that he is in a stronger mental space than ever before and is committed to building on his success from the previous season.

Looking ahead to the upcoming season, Josh Allen attended mandatory minicamp after training on his own during the offseason. He considers this season personal and is confident in his ability to elevate his game even further. With his determination and focus on improvement, Josh Allen bodes well for the Jaguars as they prepare to take on new challenges and push themselves to new heights.

By Samantha Johnson

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