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LeBron James Talks About Anxiety Watching His Son Play College Basketball on “Mind the Game” Podcast

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 28, 2024
LeBron James Opens Up About Feeling ‘Anxiety’ Watching Son Bronny Play for USC and Criticizes College Basketball

In an episode of the “Mind the Game” podcast with JJ Redick, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James expressed his concerns about college basketball. He admitted that it gives him anxiety to watch his son, Bronny James, play at USC. According to James, it’s difficult for him to watch a full 40-minute college basketball game, especially when it involves his son, as it causes him more stress and anxiety than he’s ever experienced.

During the podcast, James also shared his frustrations about the college game, criticizing certain coaching strategies like throwing the ball into the post without purpose. He believes that the dynamic of the game has changed and that some decisions made on the court are not beneficial to the team’s success.

Despite missing multiple games due to a health scare that saw him go into cardiac arrest during a summer workout, Bronny James had a challenging start to his college career. However, he played 25 games during the 2023-24 season and averaged 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game. With USC’s season coming to an end, he will need to decide whether to declare for the upcoming NBA Draft or return for another season with the Trojans.

LeBron James emphasized that the draft decision ultimately lies with his son and that they will explore all options before making a choice. As Bronny prepares for the transition to the NBA or another year in college, his family will support him in this important decision.

Overall, LeBron James voiced concerns about watching his son play college basketball and criticized certain coaching strategies in college basketball. Despite missing multiple games due to a health scare during a summer workout session earlier this year, Bronny had an impressive first season at USC where he averaged nearly five points per game in 25 contests while playing around three minutes per possession on average.

As USC’s season comes to an end and with no clear plan yet announced for next year’s NBA draft or potential return to school in place yet for Bronny James Jr., there is still much uncertainty surrounding how things will unfold on both fronts moving forward into next season and beyond.

In conclusion, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James expressed concerns about watching his son play college basketball during an episode of The Mind The Game podcast with JJ Redick. He also shared his frustrations about certain coaching strategies used in college basketball and emphasized that any draft decision would ultimately be up to Bronny Jr., who must decide whether he wants to pursue professional opportunities or continue playing at USC next season before eventually declaring for entry into NBA Draft later on down line.

By Samantha Johnson

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