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Maximizing Returns: Investing in Nvidia: A Stock That Outperforms the Market

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 25, 2024
Here’s Why Adding This Computer and Technology Stock to Your Portfolio Could Be a Smart Move

Building a portfolio from scratch can be an overwhelming task for beginner investors, but focusing on stocks with the potential to outperform the market in the next 12 months can lead to strong returns. In this article, we will explore one promising stock that could be a valuable addition to your portfolio: Nvidia (NVDA).

Known as the worldwide leader in visual computing technologies, Nvidia has transitioned from PC graphics to AI-based solutions that support various high-performance computing applications, gaming, and virtual reality platforms. With a stock price increase of 2309.63% since its addition to the Zacks Focus List in May 2019 at $39.13 per share, it is clear that investing in Nvidia has been profitable.

As of now, 15 analysts have revised their earnings estimates upwards for fiscal 2025, with the Zacks Consensus Estimate for Nvidia increasing to $23.80. The company has an impressive average earnings surprise of 20.2%, and analysts are projecting an 83.6% growth in earnings for the current fiscal year.

Investing in stocks with improved earnings outlooks can be profitable, and by investing in a Focus List stock like Nvidia, investors can potentially benefit from future earnings estimate increases leading to upward price momentum. If you’re looking for more investment recommendations, download the 7 Best Stocks for the Next 30 Days report from Zacks Investment Research for free on their website today.

By Samantha Johnson

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