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Mexican Economy Poised for Slow and Steady Growth in 2021 and Beyond, With Inflation Decreasing and Oil Production Remaining Strong

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 27, 2024
Draft Budget Reveals Mexican Economy Expected to Grow up to 3.5% in 2024, According to The Mighty 790 KFGO

The Mexican economy is projected to experience growth of between 2.5% and 3.5% in 2021, according to a draft budget from the finance ministry. For 2025, further expansion is anticipated with a predicted growth rate of 2.0% to 3.0%. Inflation in the second-largest economy in Latin America is expected to decrease to 3.8% this year, aligning with the central bank’s target range of 3%, plus or minus one percentage point.

The draft budget also predicts a slowdown in inflation for 2024, with an estimated rate of 3.3% for 2025. The Mexican peso is projected to be worth approximately 17.8 pesos per dollar this year, with a slight weakening to about 18 pesos per dollar in 2025. On average, Mexico is expected to produce about 1.85 million barrels of crude oil per day in

By Samantha Johnson

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