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New iPadOS 18 Features Enhance the iPad Experience

BySamantha Johnson

Jun 11, 2024
The Latest iPad Calculator from Apple has a Handy Notes Feature

Apple has announced that the new tablets will come with iPadOS 18, which includes many exciting features. The OS18 introduces a calculator app to the iPad, a feature that has never been seen before on this device. This app resembles the classic orange and white calculator seen on the iPhone but also includes a new iPad-specific function called Math Notes. This app allows users to write down math problems and solve them efficiently using the Apple Pencil.

During Apple’s demo, it was clear that the new calculator app is packed with useful features. Users can use it to solve algebraic equations, create graphs from text, and much more with just a tap. Math Notes will seamlessly integrate into the existing Notes app, offering a history function to view past calculations and conversions for height, weight, and currencies. This feature will appeal to students and those in finance who need an efficient way to solve math problems.

While these new features may increase the iPad’s appeal, it remains unclear whether they will significantly impact sales. Currently, iPads account for only 6% of Apple’s total sales, significantly less than the iPhone according to recent earnings reports. However, critics argue that Apple’s efforts to catch up with other Big Tech companies in AI may fall short when compared to OpenAI’s advancements like GPT-4o. Despite these criticisms, analysts were impressed by Apple’s showcase of new technology at the conference, particularly Apple Intelligence, signaling the company’s commitment to AI innovation. Gene Munster, a managing partner at Deepwater Asset Management stated that Apple has successfully demonstrated its focus on AI technology.

Overall, while these new features may not be enough to significantly impact sales of iPads, they do enhance the overall iPad experience and appeal to certain users who need an efficient way to solve math problems on their devices.

By Samantha Johnson

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