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New technology unveiled to clean walls and improve indoor air quality

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 28, 2024
New Paint Technology Cleans Walls and Improves Air Quality

A study published on phys.org discusses the development of a new technology that can clean walls and improve indoor air quality. The technology involves titanium oxide nanoparticles that are added to paint and utilize sunlight to activate their self-cleaning properties.

The nanoparticles work by binding substances from the air and then breaking them down, making it an innovative solution for combating “sick building syndrome” – a condition where poor air quality negatively affects the health of those inside a building. Professor G√ľnther Rupprechter from TU Wien explained that titanium oxide nanoparticles have the ability to bind and break down a wide range of pollutants, making them particularly useful for this application. The research showed that 96% of air and wall pollutants can be removed by exposing them to simple sunlight with the help of these nanoparticles.

One of the study’s authors, Qaisar Maqbool, highlighted that detailed analysis of the particles and their behavior before and after being added to wall paint was conducted to better understand the process. Further research is planned with the goal of creating a commercially available paint product using this technology. For more information on the study and technology, visit the link provided in the article.

By Samantha Johnson

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