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Piedmont Innovation Roadshow: Showcasing the Best of Piedmont’s Digital and Ecological Transitions

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 25, 2024
Novara welcomes the return of the Piedmont Innovation Roadshow’s second edition

The second edition of the Piedmont Innovation Roadshow, organized by the National Association of Young Innovators (ANGI), is set to begin. This event, which is a key digital reference point in Italy, aims to showcase the excellence of the Piedmont region and promote dialogue among businesses, universities, innovators, and institutions.

With renewed enthusiasm after the success of last year’s event, the Roadshow is back with a central theme that will focus on ecological and digital transitions, territorial development, artificial intelligence, smart cities, sustainability, and new organizational models. The event will feature speeches by industry experts from various businesses, startups, large companies, and universities.

The first stop of the Roadshow will be in Novara on March 26 at the headquarters of the Novara industrialists with the support of the municipality and local Confindustria. The distinguished institutional guests who will be attending include Mayor Alessandro Canelli and Piedmont Regional Councilor Matteo Marnati.

Gabriele Ferrieri, President of ANGI expressed his satisfaction with the event stating that it’s a commitment to supporting the Piedmont region and bringing together businesses, universities

By Samantha Johnson

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