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President Xi Jinping Hosts Meeting with American Business Executives Amidst Bilateral Tensions and Sluggish Foreign Investment in China

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 27, 2024
Xi Jinping Holds Meeting with American Business Leaders in Beijing

President Xi Jinping recently held a meeting with a group of American business executives in Beijing amidst increasing bilateral tensions over trade restrictions and accusations of cyberattacks. The Chinese leader convened with representatives from American business, strategic, and academic communities in an effort to boost confidence amid a slowdown in foreign investment, which hit a 30-year low last year.

Investors have expressed concerns about fluctuating sentiments as China pursues its development and security objectives. Warm words from authorities have been followed by actions such as investigations into consultancy firms, the expansion of anti-spy laws, and restrictions on data access. A structural economic slowdown has caused executives to reassess the risks and rewards of operating in China.

This meeting with American business executives signals China’s desire to address concerns and strengthen ties amidst ongoing tensions. Prior to the pandemic, President Xi used to hold more frequent gatherings with executives, including at events like the annual Boao Forum for Asia, often referred to as China‚Äôs Davos. However, he is not expected to attend this year’s forum, which began on Tuesday in Hainan.

By Samantha Johnson

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