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Putin Blames Moscow Concert Hall Attack on ‘Radical Islamists’ amid Tensions with Ukraine

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 25, 2024
Putin Blames Ukraine and “Radical Islamists”

Russian President Wladimir Putin has blamed the attack in a concert hall near Moscow on “radical Islamists.” During a televised meeting on Monday, Putin stated that the crime was committed by individuals who have been at odds with Russia due to the conflict with Ukraine since 2014. The shooting could be part of a broader intimidation campaign in Ukraine, he asserted.

Several days after the terrorist attack near Moscow, which resulted in at least 137 casualties, the focus shifted to four suspects who are now in custody. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov initially avoided commenting on the serious injuries sustained by the men, which appeared to be a result of torture by Russian security forces. The Russian judiciary ordered pre-trial detention for three more individuals involved in the attack, bringing the total number of terror suspects in custody to seven.

On Monday, the Basmanny District Court of Moscow made the decision to detain additional suspects. Out of eleven suspects arrested after the attack, four main perpetrators appeared before a judge on Sunday evening. Despite Islamic State claiming responsibility for the attack multiple times, Putin and other Russian officials have accused Ukraine of involvement without presenting evidence. The White House dismissed these claims as Kremlin propaganda, emphasizing that it was carried out by fighters from an Islamic State terrorist militia.

The alleged torture of suspects by Russian security forces drew condemnation from human rights activists. Russia’s human rights association “Komanda protiw pytok” (Team Against Torture) criticized their use of violence and harassment, stating that such actions could lead investigations down a wrong path and increase societal willingness to use violence. They also noted that such actions were seen as an attempt by authorities to divert attention from their failure prior to the incident and distract from public scrutiny over their actions.

With 97 injured individuals still receiving treatment in hospitals, the aftermath of this attack continues to unfold in Moscow’s region. Flowers were laid at an improvised memorial site by grieving individuals in remembrance of those killed.

Overall, this incident highlights how ongoing conflicts can lead to increased tensions and violence between nations or groups with different ideologies or interests. It is essential for all parties involved in these conflicts to work together towards resolving them peacefully and addressing any underlying issues that may contribute to these tensions before they escalate into violent attacks like this one.

By Samantha Johnson

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