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Raúl González: A fearless and passionate leader in the hospitality industry

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 25, 2024
Raúl González (Barceló) is known for his ability to sleep effortlessly, even while on his feet

Raúl González is the CEO for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East of Barceló Hotel Group, a second-largest Spanish chain by number of rooms. Born in Guardo (Palencia) in 1961, he describes his hometown as strange and admits that it was on International Tourism Day that he believed he was predestined to work in the sector. Growing up, studying, and living in Bilbao until his work with the hotel company led him to reside in Palma de Mallorca. Despite the challenges of the industry, González enjoys taking risks and believes that being fearless and a bit mad is necessary to succeed in the market.

When asked about his travel habits, González shares that excessive travel can be exhausting but admits that he takes around 200 flights per year due to his responsibilities in the tourism industry. He emphasizes the importance of staying connected with hotels under his supervision and setting an example for others.

Looking back on his career, González reflects on how responsibilities have changed over time. He moved from being an economist to focusing more on fostering personal relationships with people in various roles. Despite changing dynamics, he appreciates seeing team members grow and excel beyond him.

Outside of work, González enjoys sports like paddle tennis and tennis, reading, and spending time with his family. He acknowledges the challenges of maintaining a work-life balance but strives to ensure quality time without distractions when he’s with his loved ones. When discussing stress management, González emphasizes temperance and respectful communication while also acknowledging the importance of self-reflection and humility when making decisions.

Overall, Raúl González is a successful leader who has embraced change throughout his career while remaining true to himself. His love for travel and passion for helping others has led him to become one of Spain’s most respected hotel executives today.

By Samantha Johnson

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