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Red Oak Prepares for an Influx of Visitors During Texas Total Solar Eclipse

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 27, 2024
Eclipse tourism projected to generate more than $1 billion for Texas’ economy

More than $1 billion is expected to be injected into the Texas economy in less than two weeks, thanks to the total solar eclipse that will take place on April 8. In Red Oak, preparations are underway for the event as the city braces itself for an influx of more than a million visitors.

Gravy restaurant owners Phillip Hughes and Michelle Bezanilla are strategizing how to handle the expected surge in customers during the eclipse. They plan to adjust their menu and bring in additional staff, including high school students, to accommodate the estimated overflow of customers.

Red Oak Area Chamber of Commerce President Clint Woodward is anticipating a significant increase in revenue for the community during the eclipse event. He advises local businesses to ramp up staffing, increase inventory, and encourage residents to stock up on essentials ahead of time. The eclipse is expected to be a multi-day event, starting as early as Friday and continuing through Sunday.

Woodward stresses the importance of preparation for businesses and urges them to capitalize on the event as an opportunity to attract new customers. Gravy plans to make the eclipse experience enjoyable for all guests with special offerings and a festive atmosphere outside of their restaurant.

By Samantha Johnson

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