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Slowing Down Time: How Climate Change is Impacting Earth’s Rotation and the Need for ‘Negative Leap Seconds’

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 27, 2024
Negative leap seconds could be implemented to correct time in response to climate change – Physics World

Climate change is causing the Earth’s rotation to slow down, which has the potential to impact the way time is corrected through the use of ‘negative leap seconds’. This means that adjustments to timekeeping systems may be necessary in order to account for these changes.

Researchers are exploring the possibility of introducing ‘negative leap seconds’ to compensate for this gradual slowing of the Earth’s rotation. This would involve subtracting a second from the global time scale to keep it in sync with the length of a day. However, as climate change continues to affect the Earth’s rotation, the need for these adjustments may become more frequent in the future.

It is important for scientists and timekeepers to consider these potential impacts when developing timekeeping systems and standards. By understanding the relationship between climate change and time correction, researchers can better prepare for the challenges that may arise in the future. This will help ensure that accurate timekeeping is maintained despite the changing environmental conditions.

By Samantha Johnson

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