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Strained Relations: How Hungary’s Economy is Suffering from Conflict with the U.S and the EU

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 27, 2024
Viktor Orbán visits Donald Trump during NATO celebrations in Hungary

Hungary’s economy has been affected by its strained relations with the United States, as well as other European countries. Despite this, Hungary celebrated its 25th anniversary of joining NATO in March, attended by American ambassadors, democracy advocates, researchers, professors, and former ministers. However, Prime Minister Viktor Orban was absent from the celebration. In his speech, the American ambassador emphasized that Hungary joined NATO due to its commitment to democracy and the Western alliance.

Recent reports suggest that the U.S. is unhappy with the Hungarian government, which has created economic uncertainty for the country. A professor from Corvin University in Budapest observed that this tension with the U.S. could have repercussions on Hungary’s economy and its relations with the EU. As a result of these challenges, Hungary has shifted its focus towards Asia and Eastern Europe, leading to a decline in trust from Western investors such as Germany. Some Western investors have reported facing challenges in Hungary, while Chinese investments have introduced a new level of secrecy to further complicate the business climate.

Despite these challenges, Hungary continues to attract foreign investments albeit in a different manner than before. Western companies have adapted to the changing environment but there are concerns about additional taxes imposed on foreign companies. While Hungary’s antagonistic stance towards the U.S., and EU countries has not significantly impacted the business sector yet; potential implications on the economy and foreign investments remain a source of concern for experts and investors alike.

Hungary-U.S relations are not unique as it is also facing challenges with other EU countries like Germany over recent reports suggesting that U

By Samantha Johnson

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