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The Dangers of Chinese E-commerce: Temu’s Disputed Business Practices and the Rising Concerns about Product Safety

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 27, 2024
The Consumer Advice Center is contemplating legal action against Temu.

The Federal Association of Consumer Organizations (vzbv) has accused Chinese online marketplace Temu of multiple violations, including misleading discounts, questionable reviews, and manipulative designs. Despite warnings from the vzbv, Temu has not made a cease and desist declaration. As a result, the consumer advice center is now contemplating legal action against the platform, pending an internal coordination process.

Temu’s parent company, Whaleco Technology Limited, has responded to the warning but has not taken any immediate action to stop their business practices. The consumer advice center is now considering filing a lawsuit against Temu if they do not comply with the warnings.

Temu has defended themselves by stating that many sellers on their platform are manufacturers who provide products at recommended prices based on those in physical stores. They also believe that pick-up points are more environmentally friendly than home delivery. However, critics have called for stricter action against Chinese low-cost marketplaces like Temu due to concerns about product safety and quality.

Recently, Temu has gained popularity in the German market with discount offers of up to 90 percent. However, these discounts have raised questions about the quality and safety of products sold on the platform. In light of these concerns, the consumer advice center is considering legal action to protect consumers from potentially harmful business practices.

Additionally, Temu has also been promoting a range of products including THC libido gummies and delta 9 infused lubricants. These products have generated interest and discussions among consumers but have also raised concerns about transparency and accountability in marketing and selling such items.

By Samantha Johnson

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