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The Secret to Christus Health Southeast Texas’ Great Place to Work Certification: Combining Advanced Technology, Skilled Professionals, and a Commitment to Employee Well-Being

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 27, 2024
Christus Health Receives Recognition as a Great Place to Work

Christus Health Southeast Texas has been recognized as a Great Place to Work, with 80% of associates surveyed across the organization agreeing that it is a great place to work. This percentage is 15 points higher than the benchmark required for the certification. According to Crystal Breaux, Regional Director of Talent Management for Christus Health Southeast Texas, the organization has expanded its services, brought in advanced equipment and technology, and recruited top providers and nurses from all over the country.

Breaux emphasized the importance of Christus Health’s commitment to its employees and providing them with the tools and resources needed to carry out the mission of extending the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. Being recognized as a Great Place to Work is an honor that reflects the leadership’s responsiveness to the needs of employees on a local level, she added.

Paul Koester, Director of Clinic Operations, Employer Solutions, and Communications for Christus Health Southeast Texas, highlighted the growth happening in Southeast Texas as a reason why Christus Health is a great place to work. He also noted that not only does Christus focus on patient care but also cares for its associates. Koester emphasized that employees have the opportunity to embody Christus’ mission of extending the healing ministry of Jesus Christ in their daily work with patients and colleagues.

By Samantha Johnson

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