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Tuberculosis: A Persistent Battle Against a Dangerous Foe.

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 25, 2024
Tuberculosis still ranks as the world’s second most fatal infectious disease

March 24 marks World Tuberculosis (TB) Day, which honors the discovery of the bacteria responsible for TB by Dr. Robert Koch in 1882. Despite the development of antibiotics to treat it, this infectious disease has remained a major public health concern for years, with multi-resistant strains continuing to pose a threat globally.

In a special report, FRANCE 24’s Julia Sieger explores the challenges surrounding the treatment and prevention of TB. She discusses the impact of multi-resistant strains on global health and highlights ongoing efforts to combat this issue on a global scale. Through her reporting, she emphasizes the importance of raising awareness about TB and finding effective solutions to improve prevention, diagnosis, and treatment worldwide.

As we commemorate World TB Day each year, it serves as a reminder that we are still fighting against this infectious disease. By sharing information and advocating for progress through education, research, and advocacy efforts, we can work towards a future where TB is no longer a threat to public health.

By Samantha Johnson

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