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Unifying for Improved Health: Greenfield and West Allis Merge to Form Southwest Suburban Health Department

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 27, 2024
Merger of Greenfield and West Allis Health Departments

The Greenfield and West Allis Health Departments have merged to form the Southwest Suburban Health Department. The objective of this merger is to provide more efficient and comprehensive public health services to the communities of West Allis and Greenfield, as announced in a press release on March 27. The common councils of both cities have approved the merger, establishing a unified entity to deliver better public health services.

The new Southwest Suburban Health Department will be governed by an intergovernmental agreement for a five-year term, with a joint board of health overseeing its operations. Funding for the department will come from both cities and state health grants. Mayor Dan Devine of West Allis expressed his excitement about the collaborative history between the two departments and how it will benefit their residents by allowing them to strategically and effectively meet their public health needs.

Greenfield Mayor Michael Neitzke also highlighted the advantages of merging the public health departments, stating that it will lead to a more streamlined and focused delivery of community and environmental health services to all residents served by the department. This move signifies a commitment to improving public health services in the region through cooperation and shared resources.

By Samantha Johnson

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