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Urgent Action Required: The United Nations Proposes New Treaty to Combat Plastic Pollution

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 28, 2024
Addressing the World’s Plastic Crisis: The UN’s New Treaty Takes Aim at the Issue

Plastic pollution is a pressing issue that affects every corner of the world, with its presence everywhere from the ocean to our communities and even inside the human body. Due to its ability to degrade into microplastics and nanoplastics, plastic waste has become a global problem that requires immediate attention. The increase in plastic production is also contributing to this issue, with over 430 million tons produced annually and expected to triple by 2060. This could result in nearly 4 billion tons of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere at a time when efforts are being made to reduce emissions and achieve net zero carbon goals.

In response to this growing crisis, the United Nations’ Environment Program has proposed a new treaty aimed at reducing plastic production and increasing recycling. This treaty has already been submitted for negotiations and, if successful, could become a legally binding agreement by next year. This fast process highlights the urgency and importance of addressing the plastic pollution crisis. If implemented effectively, this treaty could help combat the growing problem of plastic waste and protect our environment for future generations.

By Samantha Johnson

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